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In the charming town of Iuka sits a little-known local eatery Table 127. This modern American Steak house is owned and operated by Anna Helton who was inspired by her grandmother Yvonne Long. …
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This is a Surviving Photograph of the Holcut Basketball Team. Names of the Pictured are Below.
Rachel Hester brought this great photo by the office to share with our readers. It is the Holcut Basketball team taken sometime before 1960. Pictured are, top row, from left: Cleston Scruggs - …
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Corn Field in Mississippi Previously Occupied by Native Mississippians
We as Mississippians are fortunate to have such a rich history of early human life. For example, remains of a Paleo-Indian were found near Natchez in 1846. It was found with the remains of several …
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Compassion earned a smile from a snake

We were sitting there watching my wife’s favorite TV show, “Ice Road Truckers” when i looked out the window and saw something black moving across the driveway. It was big and long …

Perspective Series Line-up
Charlotte's Attic

Charlotte's Attic is a retrospective series curated by Charlotte Biggs McVay, the former owner of Tishomingo County News. Mrs. McVay's objective is to meticulously document a variety of historical elements, including vintage photographs, past events, captivating stories from the past, and enduring traditions, all of which are deeply rooted in Tishomingo County's history. She also welcomes contributions from community members related to the county's rich heritage. If you believe you have something that would be a valuable addition to this series, please don't hesitate to send any submissions to us!

Charlotte's Attic - Old Central School Reunion Saturday

Nelson Johnson is sharing this photo of the 1953 8th-grade graduation class at Central School located north of Iuka. Former students of the school will be celebrating their reunion on Saturday, …

Town Cryings

Nathaniel Clark is a local attorney, husband, and dad within Tishomingo County. Town Cryings is a series of humorous and reflective articles written from a personal perspective. The perspective pieces are written to entertain readers with anecdotes, observations, and commentary on various topics, including family, local events, and everyday life in a small town called Iuka, Mississippi. Nathaniel uses a witty and conversational style to share his thoughts and experiences, often with a humorous or lighthearted tone. Town Cryings offer readers a glimpse into Nate's perspective and the unique quirks of his town and its residents.

I Have Returned

Folks, as you can tell from the headline of this column, which you can guess was either taken from Major General Douglas MacArthur’s iconic quote upon American forces retaking the Philippines …

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Small Aircraft that Michael Hendrix Has Crafted
Aircraft Builder in Belmont, MS
Michael S. Hendrick moved to Belmont, Mississippi in August of 2023 after living in the Red Bay area for five years. He got his high school diploma after completing the 11th grade at Natchez High …
A copy of the paper from over 35 years ago talking about the first Heritage Day festival!
Charlotte’s Attic - 35 Years of Tradition
This year, 2023, will mark the 35th anniversary of Heritage Day in the City of Iuka. Started in 1988, the first Heritage Day was sponsored by the Tishomingo County Development Foundation, the Mayor …
February 14, 1963 - Best in County:
Iuka B-boys proved to be best in their category when
they racked up a winning score over Tishomingo B-Boys and won the
second county basketball trophy for Iuka Schools. Pictured with the
trophy are: Bottom row, left to right, Sonny Gravett, Richard Dexter,
Billy Middleton, Jerry Berryman and Ronnie Walker. Top row, from
left, Harry Adams, Johnny Arnold, Larry Parker, David Rhodes and Harold Lomenick
Charlotte's Attic - 60 Years Ago in the News!
Sixty years ago in The Vidette on August 22, 1963, the news was all about the county and state election. The big headline was: Coleman, Johnson Meet Tuesday in 2nd Primary. J.P. Coleman and Paul …
Officers Inspect Cooker - This photo provides a clear view of the cooker that moonshine operators were in the process of setting up when apprehended by local law enforcement officials and ATU (Alcohol Tax Unit) agents. The entire whiskey-making setup was never put into operation by the installing crew, as it was dismantled and destroyed when the first batch of mash was being prepared for the cooker. Pictured from left to right are Deputy Sheriff Robert Skinner, ATU Agent Billy Pace, and Deputy Sheriff Chester Nagle.
Charlotte's Attic - From Our Old Files
The following news story and photos appeared in the April 8, 1965 issue of The Vidette. I recently found the photos and thought it might be of interest to our readers. The story caught my attention …
Charlotte's Attic - Lintons of Tishomingo County, MS
This article is written in order to preserve history and inform the younger generations of Lintons. Any errors found are not intentional. Research shows the first Linton to arrive in Tishomingo …
Charlotte's Attic - 100 Years Ago - The Vidette August 2, 1923
I have spent considerable time since last week’s paper worrying over what to write in “Charlotte’s Attic” this week. I wanted it to be something about elections but just …
Past Sheriffs of Tishomingo County
Charlotte's Attic - Never say “This is my last time to do……again!”
Eighteen months ago, I sold the newspaper that had been my home for more than 50 years. It was bittersweet, but a blessing as I soon found out. In August of 2022, my husband Jimmy became ill with a …
A Sock Full of Silver Dollars
Most families have some bones in the closet or have a story they don’t want told, but I have a story to tell about my Grandmother Ida Sanders and my Uncle Isaac Sanders, and a sock full of …
Career lesson: challenges are really opportunities
Editor’s Note: Be sure to read Part I through IV of this series from Iuka native Carlynn Rainey-Crawford in previous issues. Available online at At the beginning of this …
Friends surrounding & kickboxing help get through time of grief
Editor’s Note: Be sure to read Part I through III of this series from Iuka native Carlynn Rainey Calvert in previous issues. Available online at The downsides to working with …