Burnsville K-8
Mrs. Mullins 1st grade class
Capturing Back-to-School Moments: Fun-filled Learning Activities at Burnsville K-8, Shared by Mr. Ken Nunley!
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Burnsville Homecoming Court 2022

Last week, Burnsville Middle School students celebrated homecoming.  Arlei Cummings was crowned Homecoming Queen. Carson Wilkins, Lilly Edge, Ethan Durham, Kalei Cummings, Jackson Fowler, …

Music enhances all our learning

Eme Devore, Burnsville News

As we settle into our schedules, the music teachers have something to say. I asked them-the Band and Chorus teachers- what benefits do their students get from their classes. The Band teacher, Mary …

First Week at Burnsville

Scenes from the first week of school at Burnsville Elementary.

Burnsville Sports