Ministries of a church in a bar

by Don Elliott, Pastor Grace Chapel
Posted 3/2/23

Grace Chapel was given a very unique opportunity from its beginning. Since it did not have any building expenses or denominational commitments or salaries for any full time staff; it was given the …

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Ministries of a church in a bar


Grace Chapel was given a very unique opportunity from its beginning. Since it did not have any building expenses or denominational commitments or salaries for any full time staff; it was given the opportunity to handle money differently. So, what became a financial goal at Grace Chapel was to give away half of the offerings that people gave.
That’s right…50% of all offerings were given away in three directions:
The needy of the community
Other ministries in the area
Support for world missions
And after 5 ½ years Grace Chapel has given away almost a million dollars to the needy, to other ministries and to world mission.
But money isn’t everything in ministry. Believers do ministry in the name of the Lord and money simply allows some things to happen as the believers go. So Grace Chapel has developed teams for ministry in the three areas where offerings were given away.
The Needy
The needy of the community are ministered to by several teams where Grace Chapel people give of themselves.
The Sharing God’s Grace team is committed to accomplishing major jobs for the needy, like construction, electrical and plumbing needs, repair work, and yard work.
When Grace Chapel learns of an emergency need of someone in the community, help is given. But more than money is given. The HOPE Team is made up of Grace Chapel people who commit to praying for and making personal contact with those who receive emergency help.
Christmas is an important time of outreach. Grace Chapel has joined the Angel Tree ministry to provide food, clothing, and gifts for needy families at Christmas.
Other ministries
Grace Chapel has sought to connect with and support other ministries in the region. The giving of our offerings and the time and talent of Grace Chapel people to other ministries has been a blessing because Grace Chapel strives to be an active part of the Body of Christ in the area. Grace Chapel has had a supportive and active role in these ministries:
Safe Haven in Burnsville
Brenda’s House of Hope in Savannah
House of Hope in Savannah
Living Free Ministries in Corinth
The Freedom Center in Corinth
FCA at Pickwick Southside School
FCA at Tishomingo County High School
Grace Chapel seeks to also be a support and encourager to other churches. Several efforts have been made to be a blessing to all believers no matter what denomination they belong to. Efforts like…
The Community Prayer Walk before the 2020 election
The Day for Pastors encouraging all pastors in their ministry
The IMPACT event with Tim Tebow last summer focused on youth groups in churches.
World missions
Grace Chapel believes that God has called the church to go beyond where it is in order to make disciples of all nations. Grace Chapel has supported several missionaries in several countries, but has made a commitment to partner with a church in Puerto Angel, Mexico.
There have been two mission teams who have gone to Mexico and a third one will go on March 11 – 18. Grace Chapel has a partnership with a church that has never had a building. Over the last few years, almost $100,000 has been raised and given to build that church. Grace Chapel likes to describe it this way: “A church in America without a building is helping a church in Mexico to build a building.”
Grace Chapel is a church that seeks to give itself away. This giving away of ourselves with money, time, effort, and talent is ministry…serving others rather than serving ourselves. Grace Chapel encourages its people to pray for the Lord to call them into ministry. There is a belief that the most effective ministry is done when someone finds out where God is already at work, then they go there and give themselves away in that work.